In Defence of Newport Civil Service Jobs

I was outraged at a scathing attack on Newport and our Civil Service jobs today, it is an astounding attack from the London-centric financial elite.

Unfortunately it’s not the first time we’ve heard this carping and not just about the National Statistics Office.   Over the years there have been attacks on Newport and the Civil Service jobs at the Passport Office, Shared Services and Intellectual Property Office.

The description of the Newport site is malicious and wildly misleading – Civil Service jobs in Newport are located on prestige parkland sites. The quality of available office space in Newport is as high as anything available anywhere.

Newport has an unrivalled track record over the years of first attracting and then retaining civil service jobs.  The civil service HR managers have emphasised the high quality, flexibility and skills of staff they have been able to recruit locally. Many civil servants have actively embraced relocating to Newport even if they were reluctant at first.  The draw away from London which has long commutes and congestion is big.   We have a winning combination.

We must continue to speak up about the strength of Newport as a habitat for quality jobs.