Newport Breathe Easy group Q&A session

I met up with members of Newport’s ‘Breathe Easy’ support group for a health-based questions and answers session this week. The group – one of 230 British Lung Foundation-sponsored branches across the UK – offers advice, support and information for those living with a lung condition.

The Breathe Easy group in Newport has a great track record of raising local awareness of chronic lung disease, as well as fundraising to purchase new respiratory equipment. It was good to talk to members of the group, and I was pleased to hear their high praise for the care and treatment received from staff at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

The Breathe Easy initiative is one example of the British Lung Foundation’s good work across Wales, and I’m supportive of the charity’s national manifesto asks ahead of the Assembly election; in particular their drive to improve public health by improving access to respiratory treatments, and reducing diesel emissions in our towns and cities.