Backing for ‘Walking for Wales’ Manifesto

I’m backing the Ramblers Cymru ‘Walking for Wales’ Assembly Election Manifesto.

The manifesto focuses on improving access to walking routes across the country, and calls on the next Welsh Government to set a deadline for local authorities of September 2017 by which to publish accurate online maps of their footpaths. Ramblers Cymru are also asking Welsh Government to ensure that farmers receiving public money are fulfilling their legal obligation to maintain public footpaths on their land.

Ramblers Cymru are part of a great, radical tradition of ‘democratising’ access to the countryside for all, and do great work in promoting the benefits of walking for all age groups. The ‘Let’s Walk Cymru’ scheme which they deliver is an excellent example of their work in action; while the organisation have engaged fully with partners in Welsh Government in developing the Wales Coastal Path.

It’s really important that we engage more people in walking and maximise the clear benefits of walking for public health, wellbeing and the environment. We are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful countryside landscapes around Newport and across Wales, and we should do all we can to open up access to the great outdoors.