Bright future ahead for public transport in Newport

The Welsh Government has released a new 3D animation of the forthcoming South East Wales Metro system.

The 3D film – along with an interactive metro map – will be shown to the public at a series of local exhibitions, including one at Friars Walk between March 8th-March 10th, 9am-5pm.

It’s exciting to see plans for the South Wales Metro system taking shape. Investment in public transport is critical to economic success, and the benefits of a fully integrated transport network for South East Wales cannot be understated.

Newport is set to be well-served by the Metro, with new connections forged between the City Centre, Pye Corner, the Royal Gwent, Malpas, Caerleon, the Celtic Manor and Celtic Springs. Plans for another connection point in Newport West are also included on the Metro map, so I look forward to seeing how that develops. Improved interconnectivity with between Newport and the Gwent Valleys is also extremely important, and I’m glad that this will be another key element of the Metro.

There’s a lot to feel positive about. The next stage of the phase of South Wales Metro plans are ambitious, and there’s a bright future ahead for public transport in Newport.