Budget boost for Welsh NHS

I welcome the Welsh Government’s additional £300 million investment in the Welsh NHS, as announced in the Draft Budget for 2016-17 this week.


The announcement has come despite UK Government cuts to the Welsh budget.On the 25th November, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a further round of real terms cuts to the Welsh budget, meaning that it will be 3.6% lower in real terms by 2019/20 than it is today, and 11% lower than it was 2010-11.


The additional funding for the NHS comes after UK Government treasury figures that show that Wales is already spending more per head on health than in England and spending on education is greater than in England.


These additional funds for the Welsh NHS will be welcomed by residents across Newport West. It shows that despite UK Government cuts, this Welsh Labour Government is determined to defend the NHS and is listening to the public. The budget has also seen the Welsh Government delivering an additional £21 million for Social Services to protect the most vulnerable in our society.