Busy Day at the Assembly

I managed to get the opportunity to ask two questions in the Assembly today.
Both were as a result of feedback I have received from constituents. I’m always happy to raise your concerns where I can.

Firstly I raised the issue of Air Pollution in the areas of Caerleon and Marshfield with Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and Rural Affairs

My question was “I have recently had complaints from constituents who live in villages outside Newport, namely Caerleon and Marshfield, who are reporting an increase in the number of HGVs driving through their areas. These roads are unsuitable for this sort of traffic, yet they are often used as shortcuts. What assessment has the Minister made on the impact this sort of traffic has had on levels of air and noise pollution in rural areas?”

In response the Mrs Griffiths said “Well, obviously, the roads in question are the responsibility of the local authority. I know that officials have been talking to Newport City Council, who have recently commissioned a traffic and air quality assessment within Caerleon. What they want to do is identify traffic-related measures, which, if they could be implemented, would improve the air quality, and potentially noise also. I’ve asked officials to stay in close contact with them to take it forward.”

Later in the day I got the opportunity to ask the Communities and Children Cabinet Secretary a question on anti social behaviour and how the Welsh Government could work with Police and Crime Commissioners to prioritise Anti Social Behaviour. My question was “A visible uniformed presence within our communities reassures and plays a vital role in tackling anti-social behaviour. With cuts to policing from the Westminster Government, police community support officers are a way to support our police and serve our communities. The 101 PCSOs that the Welsh Government provides for Gwent do make an important difference and are a significant contribution to policing in the area. Will the Cabinet Secretary confirm that he will work with the police and crime commissioners to ensure that continues, and that tackling anti-social behaviour is a priority?”

The Cabinet Secretary was positive in his response and said “Of course, the Member is right to raise this. The Welsh Labour manifesto commitment of 500 PCSOs is something that was very popular on the doorstep when we went to the electorate the term before. Continuing with the 101 PCSOs in Gwent that the Member makes reference to, I agree that that funding will continue to make a crucial difference. We have to consider how the implementation of PCSOs is taken with police and crime commissioners; it is a matter operationally for them. But it’s something where I look forward to working on joint policies together, and how we can both tackle police and crime commissioners’ priorities and the Welsh Government priorities together.”