Dementia-friendly A&E’s

I very much welcome the news that all Accident and Emergency units in Wales are set to become ‘dementia friendly’.

Funding made available from Welsh Government has delivered training for every Welsh emergency department to equip staff with skills to provide specialised care for people with dementia.

To ensure care at the front door of the hospital for people with dementia is improved, the training ensures emergency department staff:

Have a greater understanding of dementia and its impact on individuals
Can reflect on current practice and make changes accordingly
Can recognise the role of carers and families and know how to engage with them.
At least one nurse from every Welsh emergency department has been trained as a facilitator, enabling them to train their colleagues in the programme.

It’s great news that all Welsh emergency departments will be dementia friendly. This is an important step forward in ensuring that all public services have an understanding of dementia and its impact on individuals, families and carers.