My Meeting with Newport Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group

At the invitation of the British Lung Foundation I paid a visit to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation group based at Newport Velodrome.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) is a programme of exercise and education for people with long-term lung conditions provided by the NHS. People are referred to PR by either their GP or consultant. The session I participated in consisted of two groups of eight who will follow a six work programme designed to help them improve their muscle strength and improve their general fitness.

I really enjoyed joining the group in their exercises and speaking to them about the programme. It was inspiring to hear the personal goals of each group member. One gentleman wanted to regain enough fitness to climb the Black mountains once again, while one lady just wanted to be able to walk to her daughter’s house down the road. I also can’t speak highly enough of the health and fitness professionals who run and support the group. I hope every group member achieves their goals.

Joseph Carter, Head of British Lung Foundation Wales, added “It’s great that Jayne got to witness Pulmonary Rehabilitation first hand, and the benefits it offers. She has been very supportive of the work we do, and the people we support – so we would like to thank her.”

“We are continually campaigning to encourage health boards across Wales to improve access to education and exercise services (for respiratory patients).”

“Access to schemes such as Pulmonary Rehabilitation isn’t as widely accessible as we would like it to be – and we want this to change”