Newport City Dogs Home

A big thank you to Newport City Council and the newly named Newport City Dog’s Home for all the hard work they are doing to keep Newport’s dogs safe and cared for.
The dog’s home has been doing an incredible job for years when it was known as Coronation Kennels, but now with its new name, and the support of Four Paws Animal Rescue, Friends of the Dogs (Wales) and Summerhill Veterinary Centre it can continue its great work in helping Newport’s pups. Newport City Council have done an excellent job of bringing all of these organisations together and has worked to improve animal welfare in the city. This is another example of their good work

Staff at the home care for the dogs until they are reclaimed or rehomed, and sometimes the associated charities provide places where the dogs can be assessed or temporarily fostered.

Newport City Dog’s Home is always looking for volunteers, so if you would like to get involved you can visit the website at While you are there, you might even be tempted to offer one of the dogs a loving home of their own.

As an animal lover, I am extremely proud of the work that Newport City Dog’s Home is doing to care for stray and abandoned dogs across the City. Keep up the good work.