Standing up against Bullying

Today is Stand Up to Bullying Day.
The Diana Award Charity launched the campaign in collaboration with Vodafone to combat bullying in schools, workplaces, local communities and online. The campaign is using social media to create a platform for anti-bullying voices, using emojis and pledges to show support for those who have suffered or are suffering with bullying.

Vodafone found that 68% of young people polled knew of someone who had been cyberbullied. YouGov figures show that 64% of the population believe bullying is widespread, and 81% report bullying as commonplace in schools.

No one should feel threatened by bullies in any environment, whether at school, work, or online. Everyone has a right to feel safe and supported in their own space.

Bullying is an issue that affects people of all ages, and cyberbullying in particular can be difficult to address. It is important for us to make a stand against bullying, and be visible in challenging it.

I will be making a pledge to raise awareness about bullying in my community, and I encourage local schools and businesses to do the same. That’s why I will #StandUpToBullying.