Support NHS workers of the future

It’s important that the Welsh Government continues to support student nurse bursaries; all the more so after the UK Government’s decision to cut them in England.

Our nurses work extremely hard – often in very challenging circumstances – and we need to encourage as many young people as possible into careers in nursing and midwifery. The UK Government’s decision to scrap bursaries for student nurses and midwives in England is troubling. The choice of a career in nursing should not equate to the burden of debt.

The Conservative Government’s attack on student nurses in England seems to be part of a wider pattern of antagonising the life-saving health professionals of the future. The chaos of the on-going Junior Doctors dispute stems from the same belligerent attitude from UK Government Ministers. It’s a disgrace, and will put many thousands off the idea of working in NHS England.

I am glad that the Welsh Labour Government is taking a different approach and standing with our student nurses and junior doctors. It’s absolutely imperative that we continue to support the NHS workers of the future.