Visit to Age Cymru Robins

The Robins are volunteers for Age Cymru who provide care and support for staff and patients in Newport hospitals. Robins take the pressure off staff by providing services that hospital staff often do not have the time to do.

The commitment of the Robins volunteers is outstanding, and it was heart-warming to see on my visit to the Royal Gwent and St Woolos Hospitals the impact their support can have in improving the lives of patients and staff.

Those who volunteer commit to training and regular sessions in the hospital where they get to know the patients and work with staff.

The Robins take time to talk and read to patients, do their hair and nails, provide assistance at meal times, make visits to shops on behalf of patients and will help in writing letters or making phone calls amongst other things.

I was told by numerous members of staff how much the Robins are valued at the Royal Gwent and St Woolos hospitals.

The service they provide is vital, not just for physical health, but also to the emotional well-being of patients, this was made clear to me on my visit. Unfortunately, volunteers are becoming harder to find.

I know that Christine Tucker, the Volunteer Co-Ordinator is looking for volunteers at the moment, particularly over the Christmas period. So if you know somebody who would be interested, or would like to find out more information contact her at [email protected] 01633 234129 or 07824347730