Wastesavers a Newport Success Story

Recently I paid a visit to Newport Wastesavers to meet its CEO Penny Goodwin and to see the work that they are doing to encourage sustainability and environmental awareness.
The organisation has recently expanded their programme, having rolled out a new recycling system across the city, and is taking steps towards a second tip shop after the overwhelming success of the first.

Wastesavers is an innovative and forward thinking organisation that is leading sustainable programmes around Newport. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and am thrilled to see that it is doing so well.

It sets a precedent for other organisations; with a wide range of outreach programmes and roll out schemes, particularly its apprenticeships that offer an alternative to mainstream education. Really giving back to the community. Wastesavers has no employees on zero hour contracts. This demonstrates the quality of the organisation, as employers as well as for the services they provide.

Programmes like Wastesavers are recipients of EU funding, and post-Brexit it is vital that we make sure that the work of these organisations is protected.

I was fortunate enough to see their investment in new trucks and machinery that will further increase their recycling capabilities. It is exciting to see how the new technology and other resources will facilitate the expansion of Wastesavers services, and benefit the people of Newport. It certainly is an organisation that Newport can be proud of.