Praise for work of Trussell Trust

This week I made a visit to Newport Foodbank at Christchurch Centre. Newport Foodbank is one of 400 Trussell Trust food banks operating across the UK providing emergency food to families and individuals experiencing a crisis.

I’m always inspired by people’s generosity to those in need; from the amount of food donated by the public to the hard work of the volunteers.

Five years ago, Foodbanks were a rarity. That is not the case today. I am concerned about the number of people including families with young children who have no option but to use Foodbanks. While they can be a real lifeline for those in crisis it doesn’t solve the problem. With Tory government cuts to welfare benefits and tax credits – the situation is only likely to get worse. More must be done to help those families struggling.

To find out more about the work of the Trussell Trust in Newport visit